Teguh Mualim


Teguh has always believed that pets deserve plenty of love and freedom from the cage, and so he created PetZoop to channel that belief.

Back in college, he founded an online calling card and flower and gift basket delivery service to give overseas students avenues to connect with their loved ones back home.

Over the years, he's established a solid career in digital media advertising. He has spent time working at TBWA \ Chiat \ Day, of Apple fame, where he helped the agency's expansion into the digital space. He also played a pivotal role at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where in addition to leading the technology team in the LA office, he also led the development of innovative digital platforms, including the infamous Dominos Pizza Builder and Tracker. His service has helped CP+B achieve Digital Agency of the Year three times in five years.

Yuwei Fu


Yuwei Fu is an award winning user experience designer and entrepreneur, who uses creativity to solve problems and enhance user experience. He is currently a Experience Design Lead to to build UX team and reshape digital thinking at The Martin Agency.

Before working at The Martin Agency, he worked at several leading digital agencies such as Fantasy Interactive, SapientNitro, MRM Worldwide, R/GA, and CP+B. He has serviced over 30 international brands across various industries, and his works won many awards including Emmy Award, Cannes Lion, FWA Award, Awwwards and etc.

Being an entrepreneur, Yuwei had founded an object-centered social network website, and his own clothing label. Now, he coaches startups to enhance user experience and business strategies of their products.

Yuwei has a cat and a rabbit. His pet children help bring him energy and work-life balance.

Monica Suryasentoso


Monica specializes in product development, business strategy, and marketing for PetZoop. She previously co-founded 2 food companies and worked in the food industry for many years. Monica is our resident dog specialist. She currently owns 2 dogs, loves dogs, and thinks everyone should own more dogs. Monica uses her dog knowledge to reach out to new customers, understand their dog’s needs, and make sure we select hosts that truly love dogs. Monica also handles social media for PetZoop.

Tiffany Chou


Tiffany has both master degrees in Interactive Telecommunication Program at NYU and Advertising at SCAD. She specializes in physical computing, multimedia design, website/app development and advertising.

Tiffany is currently working at Velocidi, a digital content marketing agency, as a UX/digital designer and front-end developer. At Velocidi, she helped AKC (American Kennel Club) to create Woofipedia website and smart phone application, which includes dog knowledge as well as dog walking and training tools.

Tiffany is a huge animal lover. Since she was little, she had petted two dogs, two cats, two mouse, a snake, and a turtle. Now her son and daughter are a seven-toes-cat and a black rabbit. She also consistently donates WWF and other animal care organization.


Chief Canine Officer

It's in the CCO's job description to ensure the happiness of all employees, big and small. Samson has long proved he was up to this challenge a few years ago by mentoring key Petzoop employees in issues related to work-life balance.

Samson loves to get his paws-on and assist employees with their paperwork and other tasks. he can often be found advising Monica on Canine Customer Service related projects.

Ever the seasoned CCO, Samson knows the importance of training new hires. Samson and his new office recruit, Molly, spend lots of quality time inspecting the grounds at headquarters (and frolicking).

In his free time, he enjoys long walks and chasing balls. More recently, he has grown fond of spending time just resting on his pillow near close friends. Even the CCO needs a break sometimes!


Chief Canine Officer

Molly is on a first name basis with our UPS, FedEx and USPS carriers and makes sure that they are properly greeted upon arrival. Molly often parks herself at the lobby area to ensure that all of our visitors are properly attended to.

Going above and beyond her job duties, Molly can seamlessly transition from a sentinel at the door to a seat warmer when you get up to refresh your coffee.

Ever the watchful security guard, Molly takes it upon herself to look over everything including guarding the doughnuts for a meeting in the conference room